Paintings and Poems of Ireland

By Philip A. Terry

It has been over twenty years since Patrica and I first traveled the back roads of Ireland. Each tri[ brought a fuller appreciation of its beauty and charm. The landscapes of Ireland vary in mood and drama illustrated by the pure works of nature – plants, valleys, mountains, rivers, streams,  lakes, waterfalls, oceans, seas, bogs, rocks, and stone formations. All of which take on a spiritual effect with the ever-changing weather – wind, rain clouds, rainbows, sunbeams, sunshine, and snow. The landscapes are embellished further by the works of man, villages, farms, castles, demesnes, ruins, walls, pastures, fields, harbors, animals, factories, bridges, and sporting venues. The landscapes are intensely attractive and active with people, machines, and animals moving about even on rainy days. To the artist’s eye, the varying landscapes are totally captivating.

Paintings and Poems of Ireland

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