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Part of the Celtic Legends Collection by Amethyst of Dublin


Gold and Silver


Irish Hallmarked


Made in Ireland


The Celtic Legends Collection


Guided by the great artistic achievements of the ancient Celts our designers have reproduced an extensive range of authentic Celtic motifs which brings the brilliance of the past into the present.


The Celtic people who have lived in these islands for almost 2,500 years are the decedents of a once might people whose domain stretch south through France and Spain and as far east as the Balkans and the Danube.


Although Celtic Societies were crushed throughout Europe by the might of Imperial Rome here they endured. Then after Rome’s demise, as all Europe succumbed to the Dark Ages, inspired by the impact of Christianity, Celtic art and culture flourished in these islands as never before.


To this period belong such sublime masterpieces as the Book of Kells, The Book of Lindisfarne, and the Tara Broock, eloquent testimony to the delicate skill and subtle artistry which characterized the Golden Age of Celtic Art.

Gold and Silver Celtic Circle Earrings

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