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Belleek Fine Parian China, Established 1897

Hand Crafted in Ireland


This piece of Belleek Parian China comes to you from the beautiful Fermanagh Lakelands of Ireland. It has been crafted entirely by hand at the Belleek Pottery, which nestles on the banks of the River Erne, near the village of Belleek.


Since its introduction in 1857 Belleek has been prized by porcelain lovers the world over and has found its way into the collections of royalty, heads of state, and museums alike.

Belleek is instantly recognizable; no other porcelain combines such eggshell delicacy with the translucent ivory tint of Parian china. Every piece of Belleek is true, every handle, finial, flower, and brush stroke is applied by hand.

Belleek Angel Water Font

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